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I'm a rapper, producer and songwriter. I started working on music at the age of 12, when I discovered my interest in the rap game while living in New York.


I spent most of my free time listening to music. As a kid thou, I didn’t have much happening, which allowed me to spend all my time practicing the flow of the tracks that I would hear on the radio. Fast forwarding 10 years, I didn't officially start working on my music career until the age of 20.


At this time, I was living in Missouri. While attending class and focusing on finishing up school. I decided to head over to L.A after graduation to be closer to where all the action/opportunities where at.


From here, I started taking professional classes on producing and mastering, learning different ways to write creative lyrics and mastering my vocals. And now, I’m currently working on promoting my work and finding ways to continue to improve and get better as an artist, producer and songwriter.


-July 2018